Our Flavours

Our Flavours

Our menu offers something for everyone. The regulars are found all year round while our specials are rotated every few weeks and also according to the season. Vist out store to find 26 freshly churned flavours in our cabinet and over 60 flavours in take away tubs.

At Dulce we take all your allergies & dietary requirements seriously. All our gelato is made on the same machinery. We diligenty clean between flavours, but please be aware dairy, gluten and nuts traces may be present.

Avocado X X
Baci X
Biscoff X
Black Sesame X
Baked Apple X X
Banana X X
Bubblegum X
Caramel X X
Cheesecake X X
Chocolate X
Chocolate Chip X
Cinnamon X X
Coconut Lime X X
Coffee X
Cookies & Cream
Dulce De Leche X X
Green Tea X X
Hazelnut X




Mint Chocolate X
Nougat X
Pandan X X
Panna Cotta X X
Pavlova X X
Peanut Butter X
Pistachio X
Raisin Cubano
Raspberry Cream X X
Roasted Almond X
Strawberry Cream X X
Tiramisu X X
Turkish Delight
Vanilla X X
White Chocolate & Macadamia
Zabaione X X
Berry Sorbet X X X
Blood Orange Sorbet X X X
Dragonfruit Sorbet X X X
Green Apple Sorbet X X X
Guava Sorbet X X X
Lemon Sorbet X X X
Lychee Sorbet X X X
Mango Sorbet X X X
Mojito Sorbet X X X
Passionfruit Sorbet X X X
Peach Sorbet X X X
Pear Srobet X X X
Pineapple Sorbet X X X
Pink Grapefruit Sorbet X X X
Raspberry Sorbet X X X
Vegan Baci X X
Vegan Biscoff X X
Vegan Chocolate X X
Vegan Cinnamon X X X
Vegan Coconut X X X
Vegan Coffee X X X
Vegan Cookies X
Vegan Hazelnut X X
Vegan Mint X X X
Vegan Pistachio X X
Vegan Strawberry X X X
Vegan Vanilla X X