Events & Catering

Events & Catering

We make a good event with gelato. Be it a wedding, birthday, annual dinner or event launch, nothing makes it better than gelato. Whether it’s pre-packed gelato or a gelato cart, whatever you have dreamed of having we’re here to help make it happen.

Pre-Packed Cups

Each cup is pre-packed with lids and spoons and is ideal for small parties.

  • Delivered to you
  • Minimum order 50 cups
  • 3 Days turn around time

5L Tubs

Our 5L tubs are packed straight from the churned ready for you to scoop from. Ideal for events, catering, family gatherings and any big celebration.

  • Over 100 flavours to pick from
  • 3 Days turn around time

Gelato Cart

Ideal for corporate functions, weddings, birthdays or any celebration. Scoops on demand from our mobile cart.

  • 6 Flavours
  • Suitable for 80 guest and more